Idk I guess I’m just at a point in life where nothing’s really going right and I just wanna lay down and admit defeat. Everyday is the same and it gets old quick, I’m tired of stressing out about things that aren’t in my control and it causes so much anxiety I feel like I’m gunna go crazy. I just need a constant positive in my life…cause the only constant I have is disappointment. And it sucks cause I’m surrounded by people who have it made, like they have both parents they have money, good looks and all that. And I’m just here holding together the pieces of my life I have left. And I get it I hold the key for my own happiness, but I lost it. I know things will get better, but I just stress too much about it. They say that rock bottom is a place where a solid foundation begins..but it feels like I’ve made rock bottom my home.


when i’m famous i’ll remember that you unfollowed me

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